Monday, June 24, 2013


Summer has arrived in the Peace region at long last!! I am so happy we're here to enjoy it. We spent all of May and the first week of June in Edmonton, Hubby having different modules of his NCSO spread over that time. As I posted earlier, we stayed in a very comfy B&B and totally drank in the leisure, lovely spring days. We went out to the park as often as we possibly could as well as browsed thru stores and enjoyed several delicious meals out. We also took in a afternoon matinee movie. Sheer frivolous fun :)

We just spent the past few weeks cleaning up the yard, just doing a bit at a time. Our lawn was over-run with dandelions and broad leaf weeds. The process took time.....first spraying the weeds, then fertilizing the lawn and mowing it to get it into the shape we like!  Yesterday we totally went thru the shed and yard stuff and finally got rid of junk we don't use or are cracked, broken or old and faded. We had 2 huge totes under the porch that I store ornaments and pots and tools in during the winter. One was almost empty and the other's lid was cracked and broken and so was partly filled with stagnant water....gross!! Anyhow, that one we filled with junk and take to the trash. We set out the table/chairs and raked up. We will be given several ferns from a friend and I'd like to plant those around the front porch. And so we'll enjoy our yard this summer.