Saturday, April 29, 2017

Out and About


Today was the first day for Advance Voting for our B.C. Premier so we went out to vote and took in the gorgeous flowers and blossoms on the way to and at the Walnut Grove Community Center.

After voting we stopped in at Staples for a few things and then at Wired Monk to have a Latter and share a scone. It always feels like a treat to indulge in a delicious Caramel Latte. And then the rain started, so it's been a dreary afternoon.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

good things come in big packages..... Costco at least! We did a fairly substantial shop at Costco this afternoon. I love that store! But I usually land up spending more money than I'd like to and did so again today but on the positive side.....I have enough laundry detergent to last a year....haha! There are some things I can't get at Costco and have to buy elsewhere, however I don't mind that.

I buy the huge packages of meat, so as well as putting everything away, I also package the meat in smaller portions and freeze them. It's a good feeling to have a fuller freezer again.

For a change of pace, I picked up a pizza to bake for supper. Ok, those are massive and literally one and a half slices filled me to the brim! That makes for a cheap supper for us because the leftover pizza will make a great lunch tomorrow.

Monday, April 24, 2017


It was a lovely sunny day. There are so many rainy days here, I like to sit outside and enjoy a sunny Spring day. I love just seeing all the fresh green leaves on the trees and shrubs, along with all the mix of delicate colours interspersed in between.

I've pulled out the coconut, citrus and fruity smelling lotions. I love to switch up the fragrances for the seasons and also use a lighter daily lotion, except for after-sun exposure when I use one with oils and aloe.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Well, unlike the name of this weekday, it wasn't a sunny day. It started out with a wicked rain storm last night and just remained overcast all day today. It started raining again later this afternoon, but was actually quite nice earlier. It wasn't chilly until the rain started.

I like Sundays. It's Hubby's designated day off and nothing gets in the way of that. It's not that he works six days per week all the time, but Sunday we can count on having off and can plan to go to church and then out for lunch. In the summer we can go to the earlier service and take off to the lake or do some outdoorsy activity. I love it!! This is the first time in years Hubby has booked a regular day off!!!

Friday, April 21, 2017

......and more cleaning

It was a perfect Spring day...19c! I still hadn't really cleaned the vinyl floor of the balcony, which included rust spots. With us going in and out of that space I wanted to make sure we weren't dragging a lot of dust and dirt indoors. I bought some CRL and gave the floor a good clean with that and managed to get pretty much all the the rust up. I had to rinse the floor a few times to lift all the residue. Now we can go out there in bare feet knowing it's as clean as I'll get it.

The only step to get a better clean would be to use a power washer and I think our downstairs neighbours would not appreciate the "waterfalls" they'd get.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Spring Clean!

No, I am not Spring cleaning the apartment we've only lived in the 3 1/2 months. What i am going to clean is the balcony. Since we plan on spending a lot of time out there I need to clean the floor so we're not tracking the dust and such indoors. Also, Hubby has Kettle bells he exercises with and the rain has caused them to leak rust and stain the floor. i bought a jug of CLR and a squeezable mop and hope I can get the rust cleaned up.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a sunny day in the middle of rainy ones, so I plan to be out cleaning tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Together Time

Hubby had the Easter long weekend off and we enjoyed doing activities together as well as down time. We  went to Red Robin's for Hubby's Birthday last Thursday and did some various shopping. Saturday was so beautiful and sunny so we went to home Depot Garden Center and bought another planter of flowers. Our balcony looks so pretty now, with a few planters! I certainly enjoy sitting out in the sunshine and "people-watch"!

Yesterday we drove out to Abbotsford and checked out a Meat store. We also stopped in to have a visit with our Son, at the cemetery. It's so peaceful there as well as so green, with new grass, sprouting leaves on the trees and blossoms bursting.

So, today I needed to catch up with the laundry and cleaning. It doesn't take long but it needs to be done regularly.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

I'm a little obsessed!!

Yes, I am! I a little obsessed with Spring!. I walked into the home Depot Garden Center and was immediately overwhelmed with the smell of perfume that wafted over me! The beauty of all the different blooms and the greenery of the shrubs and vines! The warmth of the sun just intensified the colours and aromas.

I have made my selections....chosen the few planters I want for the balcony. I also picked up a few solar lights and arranged them outside. Now I have all Spring/Summer to enjoy their cheerful presence when I sit out in the sunshine.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Yesterday I had two Specialist appointments , one downtown and one at the hospital and my Hubby had the vehicle for the day. I was challenged to take Transit, since both appointments were too far to walk to. Now, I've always been hesitant about taking Transit for some odd reason. Not sure what's up with that, but anyhow. Hubby helped me research and go through the route, time and connections the day before. It was a gorgeous sunny day out and I discovered that I actually enjoyed myself and it went more smoothly than I imagined it would. I know for sure that I will be using the Transit system far more now. What an Adventure!!

Monday, April 10, 2017

April Showers

So, the saying is: "April showers bring May flowers". Today this is very true here. Actually, it's done more than poured "cats and dogs"!! But, it's stopped and there is just a sliver of blue peeking through the clouds.

While I am glad not to have been out in that pouring rain, I did step out onto the balcony to watch it rain. There is always something so beautiful in Nature and even when the weather is frightening, it can strike us to the core with it's beauty. It can capture us. We watch video's of tornadoes, hurricanes or lightening with fascination.

For today, enjoy whatever weather you are having.
~ Faye

Sunday, April 9, 2017

We live in an apartment, but there is this nice green area with a little creek behind our place. This is where you can see that Spring has arrived and Nature brought the trees and shrubs and vines to life and is busy sprouting greenery.

There is anticipation leading up to Easter. In the stores I see all the pastels of Easter. The retail industry entices us with chicks, rabbits, eggs and chocolate. To those of us who are church goers, we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. It's a time of year that's fresh and new and time to spend outdoors with family and friends.

Wishing you a great week.
~ Faye  

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Re-Introducing Myself

As we've entered the Spring season I have decided that I'm in a place to start writing in my Blog again. I've wondered why I ever stopped, but life has a way of changing and somehow the inspiration just wasn't there.

We have moved to a different city in B.C. just after Christmas. It was a big move, not only location wise but emotionally. There was a huge down turn in the Oil & Gas industry which affected my Hubby's job and we were left scrambling with what to do. Hubby took on a "temporary" job down south driving Tour bus, but doors opened up for him to continue being an Instructor for St. John's Ambulance as well as expand out into the Safety courses he had been teaching up North.  What that meant was relocating down to the Lower Mainland and moving away from family and friends.

I love living here. The climate is more moderate and it we found a small, cozy apartment that is so close to everything that I can get out to walk to. Of course, there are the negative aspects too, like traffic, parking and rain...haha!

We have found a church to attend and I have jumped right into the Ladies program to develop new friendships and Hubby & I also meet with a group one evening a week to socialize as a couple. There is no shortage of entertainment and things to do.

So, I find myself inspired to write again.
~ Faye