Saturday, April 8, 2017

Re-Introducing Myself

As we've entered the Spring season I have decided that I'm in a place to start writing in my Blog again. I've wondered why I ever stopped, but life has a way of changing and somehow the inspiration just wasn't there.

We have moved to a different city in B.C. just after Christmas. It was a big move, not only location wise but emotionally. There was a huge down turn in the Oil & Gas industry which affected my Hubby's job and we were left scrambling with what to do. Hubby took on a "temporary" job down south driving Tour bus, but doors opened up for him to continue being an Instructor for St. John's Ambulance as well as expand out into the Safety courses he had been teaching up North.  What that meant was relocating down to the Lower Mainland and moving away from family and friends.

I love living here. The climate is more moderate and it we found a small, cozy apartment that is so close to everything that I can get out to walk to. Of course, there are the negative aspects too, like traffic, parking and rain...haha!

We have found a church to attend and I have jumped right into the Ladies program to develop new friendships and Hubby & I also meet with a group one evening a week to socialize as a couple. There is no shortage of entertainment and things to do.

So, I find myself inspired to write again.
~ Faye