Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Together Time

Hubby had the Easter long weekend off and we enjoyed doing activities together as well as down time. We  went to Red Robin's for Hubby's Birthday last Thursday and did some various shopping. Saturday was so beautiful and sunny so we went to home Depot Garden Center and bought another planter of flowers. Our balcony looks so pretty now, with a few planters! I certainly enjoy sitting out in the sunshine and "people-watch"!

Yesterday we drove out to Abbotsford and checked out a Meat store. We also stopped in to have a visit with our Son, at the cemetery. It's so peaceful there as well as so green, with new grass, sprouting leaves on the trees and blossoms bursting.

So, today I needed to catch up with the laundry and cleaning. It doesn't take long but it needs to be done regularly.