Monday, April 24, 2017


It was a lovely sunny day. There are so many rainy days here, I like to sit outside and enjoy a sunny Spring day. I love just seeing all the fresh green leaves on the trees and shrubs, along with all the mix of delicate colours interspersed in between.

I've pulled out the coconut, citrus and fruity smelling lotions. I love to switch up the fragrances for the seasons and also use a lighter daily lotion, except for after-sun exposure when I use one with oils and aloe.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Well, unlike the name of this weekday, it wasn't a sunny day. It started out with a wicked rain storm last night and just remained overcast all day today. It started raining again later this afternoon, but was actually quite nice earlier. It wasn't chilly until the rain started.

I like Sundays. It's Hubby's designated day off and nothing gets in the way of that. It's not that he works six days per week all the time, but Sunday we can count on having off and can plan to go to church and then out for lunch. In the summer we can go to the earlier service and take off to the lake or do some outdoorsy activity. I love it!! This is the first time in years Hubby has booked a regular day off!!!

Friday, April 21, 2017

......and more cleaning

It was a perfect Spring day...19c! I still hadn't really cleaned the vinyl floor of the balcony, which included rust spots. With us going in and out of that space I wanted to make sure we weren't dragging a lot of dust and dirt indoors. I bought some CRL and gave the floor a good clean with that and managed to get pretty much all the the rust up. I had to rinse the floor a few times to lift all the residue. Now we can go out there in bare feet knowing it's as clean as I'll get it.

The only step to get a better clean would be to use a power washer and I think our downstairs neighbours would not appreciate the "waterfalls" they'd get.